Institute of Modern History

Research Training Group 1662/1

The DFG Research Training Group 1662/1 “Religious Knowledge in Pre-Modern Europe (800-1800): Transfers and Transformations – Ways to Modern Knowledge Society”, founded in April 2011, explores the interplay of knowledge and religion in pre-modern Europe. The research group aims to establish the interdisciplinary use of “religious knowledge” as an analytical concept and describes in a new way how the so-called western knowledge society could develop in Europe with its self-attributions of tolerance, secularity, rationality and the differentiation between science and education, law and politics, religion, art, and literature.

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Prof. Dr. Renate Dürr and PhD student Irina Pawlowsky from the Institute of Modern History are currently part of the group. Former members include Dr. Anne Mariss and Susanne Kofler.