Institute of Modern History

PD Dr. Philip Hahn

Assistant professor


Fachbereich Geschichtswissenschaft
Seminar für Neuere Geschichte
Wilhelmstraße 36
72074 Tübingen
Telefon: 07071/29-77131
Fax: 07071/29-5874
Email: philip.hahnspam


Office: Hegelbau, 2. Stock, Raum 203

Research topics

Urban history

Sensory history

History of the book and reading

History of the domestic sphere

Political concepts in the early modern period


Habilitation project (second book, manuscript completed)

Sensory Communities: Perception, Order, and Community Building in the Early Modern Town, ca. 1480-1880 [more]


Finished research project

Online database ("Thesaurus") of political concepts in Lutheran sermons from early modern Saxony and Thuringia