Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft

General Questions

Change of subjects

I have a minor in linguistics and would like to change to a major subject (or vice versa). Is this possible?
In principle, this is possible. Further information can be obtained from the responsible specialist consultants.

What do I have to consider when changing major or minor subjects?
According to the state university law, students who wish to change their subjects from the third or higher semester onwards must prove that they have completed a course of study counselling. Please contact your B.A. study advisor.
If German is not your native language and you want to change from an international course of study, such as computer linguistics, to the course of study General Linguistics, you need proof of your knowledge of German at C1 level. The Student Secretariat can help you determine which tests are recognised by the university.

Are credits earned in accordance with previous study regulations recognised when changing subjects?
If the modules are identical or equivalent, recognition is possible.

Key Qualifications

How can I achieve the key qualification performance?
Key qualifications are achievements that are included in the B.A. degree course in addition to the main and minor subjects. The credits include internships, foreign languages that are not compulsory within the framework of the B.A. degree programme, and courses offered by the Career Service of the University of Tübingen, the ZDV or the interdisciplinary course Studium Professionale.

How are key qualifications credited?
You will receive a certificate for the recognition of key qualifications. The ECTS credits are recorded by the Examination Office. The number of ECTS points for an internship depends on the duration and scope of the competences acquired

Language proficiency

Do I have to prove certain language skills?
Until the orientation exam, English must be demonstrated at B2 level and another language at B1 level. The knowledge of a language at Abitur level, proven by the Abitur certificate, is considered to have been achieved at B2 level


What is the difference between an examination and a study achievement?
In general, examination achievements are graded and academic achievements are not graded. An examination achievement counts as or to the module grade. The respective examination services for the individual modules are regulated in the module manual. If a module grade is not at least "sufficient" (4.0), the module is considered not passed. A study achievement is assessed as "erbracht/nicht erbracht". However, a course of study is only completed if the teacher attests sufficient quality of the course of study.

Parallel studies / double studies

I am studying "General Linguistics" and would like to study an additional subject in parallel.
Due to an amendment to the State University Act, applications for parallel studies are only approved in justified exceptional cases. (LHG, The newly worded § 60 para. 1 sentence 3 LHG (Landeshochschulgesetzt) stipulates that "... enrollment in two or more degree programmes with limited admission is only permissible if this is necessary for special professional, scientific or artistic reasons.")


Where can I get a certificate according to. 48 BAföG?
Responsible for the certificate according to § 48 BAföG is Prof. Dr. Hamm.