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What is ISCL?

Our Profile: Interdisciplinary - International - Intensive

Why Interdisciplinary?

The demand for natural language applications in information technology is continually increasing, but there are only few people who combine competence in Computer Science with sufficient linguistic expertise. ISCL offers contemporary training in the area of information technology, with the opportunity to acquire the linguistic knowledge and skills essential for the design and development of natural language applications. The B.A.'s innovative combination of a strong major in Computational Linguistics with a minor in either General Linguistics, German Linguistics or Slavic Linguistics is unique in Germany. The M.A. programme allows students to supplement their studies in CL with advanced courses from various Linguistic fields.

Why International?

Information Technology is essentially an international field. So whatever career you're aiming at, having been trained in an international setting will be an advantage on the jobmarket. This is why in ISCL you will study and work together with people from all over the world, taking courses in English and later on in German, and why your performance will be evaluated according to international standards (ECTS). We also strongly advise our German students to spend some time abroad, studying at a foreign university or interning at an international firm.

Why Intensive?

Today's most promising jobs require the accomplishment of a swift, successful college education. Therefore, to allow you to start your professional career as early as possible, we offer you an internationally accredited qualification after only three years of study. At the same time the program is very intensive: in these three years you will learn all the theoretical and practical basics of CL and your chosen minor. You will also gain hands-on experience through internships. All of this will be achieved in an international setting. After completing your B.A. you might desire to gain a higher qualification or simply to refine and widen your knowledge and dive into current research trends. Your degree allows you to continue your studies with the M.A. programme in CL or one of the related subjects. Our M.A. programme is an excellent preparation for further studies, especially if you are interested in research or pursuing a Ph.D. in the field.