Prof. Dr. Claudia Maienborn

Publications and presentations

PhD dissertation (submitted)

"Lexikalische Semantik und Kombinatorik stativ-eventiv-ambiger Verben" / "Lexical semantics and combinatorics of state-event-ambiguous verbs"

Abstract: In my dissertation, I examine the lexical content and combinatorial behavior of state-event-ambiguous verbs, such as German bedecken ('cover'), beenden ('finish') or ankündigen ('announce'). The work is based on the initial observation that the underlying ambiguity pattern occurs systematically in certain lexical classes. This makes the phenomenon a challenge for lexical semantic modelings: on the one hand, it requires a non-redundant and parsimonious account, on the other hand the referents of the two readings come with radical ontological differences, which has to be integrated appropriately into a theory of the meaning constitution with state-event-ambiguous verbs. I discuss and give answers to three research questions:

  1. What is the ontological basis of the state-event-ambiguity?
  2. Which type of ambiguity should the pattern be asigned to?
  3. In what way do strict composition and enrichment of linguistic material interact in the meaning constitution of sentences with state-event-ambiguous verbs?

Talks and posters

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