Institute of English Languages and Literatures

Research Projects

Ongoing Dissertations

Bremen, Benedict von. Two-Way Streets and Einbahnstraßen: Debates about NATO Defense Cooperation in the 1970s. (Schild)

Bühner, Jennifer. Re-writing Difference: Abjection, Becoming-Woman and a New Ethics of Difference in Urban Fantasy Fiction (Franke)

Fritsch, Melanie. John Brown: The Construction of an African-American Icon (Engler)

Fuss, Jessica. Making an American Hero: The Heroization of Chesley B. Sullenberger and the Concept of Heroism in Post- 9/11 America (Butter)

Gunkel. Christian. Green Consumerism in the U.S. – Challenges and Chances for Contemporary Environmentalism (Franke)

Köhler, Tamara. Tackling Taboo Topics: Mental Health and Suicide Representation in Young Adult Fiction and Adaptations (Butter)

Kopp, Luvena. ‘Fight The (Symbolic) Power!’: Hidden Forms of Domination in the Films of Spike Lee (Franke)

Kruse, Julia. Amerikanische und Sowjetische Photographie: Von der Avantgarde zur Propaganda (Franke)

Luther, Katharina. From Roots to Cosmos: A New Materialist Poetics of Contemporary British and Canadian Poetry (Franke & Hotz-Davies)

Nyberg, Ferdinand. Temperate Regions: Space, Threat, and Antebellum American Temperace (Franke)

Obute, Anthony. Toxic Paradise: Ecology, Politics, and Literature of the Niger-Delta (Franke)

Raible, Albrecht. Survival of Anticommunism in American Politics during the 1960s & 70s (Butter)

Schanze (geb. Olbing), Nina. Beyond Reader Expectations: Cognitive Poetics and the Literature of American Modernism (Engler)

Schwarz, Janine, Domestic Noir Fiction (Butter)

Suck, Thorsten. Die Rekonstruktion der Vergangenheit in den Holocaust-Comics von Art Spiegelman, Joe Kubert und Pascal Croci (Engler)

Thiem, Annika: 20th-Century Ghost Stories by Women (Butter)

Wirth (geb. Stolpe), Annika. Gulf War Captivity Narratives (Butter)

Completed Dissertations

Brunck, Fighting "the Evil Scourge of Terrorism": From 'Jewish Terrorism' to 'Islamic Terrorism' in the United States, 1940-2017 (Butter) Completed: 23.09.2019

Buhr, Stephan. Infinite Possibilities Die Zweite Generation des Transzendentalismus und die Idee einer Universalreligion (Engler) Completed: 23.02.2015

Chaitas, Lilian. A Poetics of Experiment: The Experimental Impulse in Post-World War II American Poetry (Engler) Completed: 17.09.2014

Dopffel, Michael. Facts, Fictions and Functions in Early Modern Anglo-American Ghost Narratives (Bauer M. & Stievermann) Completed: 25.01.2019

Duda, Sebastian. Formen und Funktionswandel der Wiederholung – dargestellt anhand von Texten aus der Protomoderne, Moderne und Postmoderne (Engler) Completed: 2009

Fauser-Löffler, Bettina. Erzählte Gefühle. Die Verhandlung von Emotionskonzepten in der amerikanischen Erzählliteratur zwischen 1850 und 1910 (Engler) Completed: 07.04.2017

Hirschfelder, Nicole. Oppression as a Process A Figurational Analysis of the Case of Bayard Rustin (Franke) Completed: 27.03.2013

Hirt, Stefan. A Pop-Cultural Career. American Representations of Adolf Hitler (Engler) Completed: 10.07.2012

Hoffmann, Lukas. "I Am True of Heart - You Are True of Heart" Eggers, Lethem, Wal/ace et al.: Postironic Nonfiction's Appeal to Its Reader (Franke) Completed: 06.03.2015

Hohenstein, Svenja. Girl Warriors: Feminist Revision of the Hero's Quest in Contemporary American Culture (Butter) Completed: 27.06.2018

Kutschbach, Christine. Capturing the Literariness of Life: Undecidability in Bharati Mukherjee’s Writing (Engler) Completed: 05.12.2011

Narmann, Ruth. Sunzi Reloaded. Untersuchung zur Appropriierung fernöstlicher Diskursformationen in der amerikanischen Populärkultur am Beispiel der Kunst des Krieges (Engler) Completed: 27.02.2012

Roering, Johanna. Krieg bloggen: Soldatische Kriegsberichterstattung in digitalen Medien (Tonn) Completed: November 2011

Spieker, Lisa. Writing 'Madness:' Stigma, Self-fashioning, and 'Truth' in 'Mental Illness' Pathographies (Franke) Completed: 28.06.2019

Susanka, Thomas. Fotografie, Medium und Bildung Rhetorischer Perspektive am Beispiel von James Nachtwey (Tonn) Completed: 12.07.2012

Thalmann, Katharina. 'A Plot to Make Us Look Foolish': The Marginalization of Conspiracy Theory since the 1950s (Butter) Completed: 08.12.2017

Wielk, Henrike. Zwischen Inszenierung und Projektion: Zur Auflösung des Ikonenbegriffs in der postmodernen Populärkultur am Beispiel Madonnas (Engler) Completed: 21.12.2012


Clark, Thomas. "Tocquevillian Moments. Die transatlantische Suche nach einer republikanischen Moderne" (Dippel, Universität Kassel) Completed: 02.06.2014

Hirschfelder, Nicole. The Gaze and Catastrophes (AT) (Franke)

Klaiber, Isabell. Shared Minds: Collaborative Fiction in the U.S. from the 19th Century to Online Writing Projects (AT) (Engler)

Tan, Kathy-Ann. "Re-Configuring Citizenship: Nationhood and Post-national Imaginaries in North American Prose, 1850–2010" (Engler) Completed: 09.07.2014