Institute of English Languages and Literatures

Curriculum of the M.A. American Studies Program

The M.A. in American Studies is a two-year program, starting in the summer or winter semester.

First Year

Students focus on the core curriculum in American Literature and Culture. Four 12 ECTS modules offer graduate seminars aimed at gaining an advanced understanding of key concepts and theories in American Studies. In addition, students engage in in-depth analysis of important developments in American literature and culture. Students take at least one module concerning the period before the Civil War and one concerning the period after the Civil War. The Interdisciplinary Profile (6 ECTS) gives students the opportunity to take courses outside of the core curriculum and develop an individual profile.

Second Year

The two Research Modules (12 ECTS each) prepare students for the M.A. thesis. In a graduate academic writing class, students will develop advanced strategies for independent research and writing. In the Research Colloquium, students will participate in discussions with faculty and PhD students and will present their own research for the M.A. thesis. In the Professional Experience Module (12 ECTS), students can do an internship or work as a tutor in order to gain practical work experience. The final module (30 ECTS) consists of the M.A. thesis and an oral exam.