Programme Description for MA-Studies in General Linguistics

The M.A. study in General Linguistics starts at the beginning of the Winter Semester and lasts for a total of four Semesters (2 years). These three years include the M.A. Thesis and final exams.

M.A. students are required to take part in six advanced seminars and pass an oral or written exams at the end of each seminar.  
Additionally, students are expected to conclude three "Specialisation Modules", which consist of an advanced seminar and a term paper. One of these modules can be replaced by a Teaching Internship.
Finally, students must take and pass three additional courses with attendance requirements.

For more details, see the Model Study Plan.

Language of Instruction

Courses in the M.A. programme are taught in German.

Grading of Courses

Each course will be given a specific number of credit points, counting towards the student's final grade. The number of credits will reflect the amount of work required for each course.

M.A. Evaluation

The M.A. evaluation will be based on class performance, an additional oral exam, a written exam, and the M.A. thesis.

The final M.A. grade will be calculated as follows:

40% Noten aus den Seminaren
40% MA-These 20% mündliche Prüfung