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 English-taught courses

Welcome to the Institute of Media Studies at the University of Tübingen!

If you want to spend a semester in Tübingen studying in the field of Media Studies, Communication Studies or Journalism, you will find important information on this website.

However, the first and most important contact for you is the International Office of the university, namely Ms. Simone Hahne, who is the Admissions Officer and Student Adviser for International Students in ERASMUS and Exchange Programmes. She is in charge of helping international exchange students who come to Tübingen as part of an Erasmus/International exchange program. Mrs. Hahne provides advice and support on administrative and practical matters regarding the exchange, e.g. enrollment, orientation days, language classes, etc.

Contact details International Office
Ms. Simone Hahne

You can find useful information on studying in Tübingen, e.g. regarding the application process and living in Tübingen, on the website of the International Office:

International Office: Studying in Tübingen

Which courses can I choose?

International Students who are enrolled at the Institute of Media Studies can take

  • courses offered by the Institute of Media Studies
  • English-taught courses, in particular
  • free project (journalism, media production, empirical research)
  • courses throughout the faculty of humanities and even throughout the university
  • German language courses

Media Studies courses

Most courses at the Institute of Media Studies are taught in German, but some courses in taught English. You can find all courses in the university’s Campus system.

Campus (online course catalogue)

Open Campus, switch to the English version by clicking on the UK-flag in the upper part of the website, then chose 5 Faculty of Humanities and Media Studies.

English-taught courses at the Institute of Media Studies

In the Institute of Media Studies at Tübingen, we generally offer course-work in German. However, we regularly offer courses in English, both to foster language competency in our local students while increasing the choices of potential courses for our incoming international students. Our experience shows that these settings not only foster the integration of our international students but also create spaces for intercultural exchange.

Every winter term and every summer term we offer English-taught courses with an equivalent of 30 ECTS. International students can earn 24 ECTS by enrolling in three Media Analysis courses (summer) or three Media Theory courses (winter). These courses often reflect the actual research activities of our instructors, so the specific topics and contents vary. In addition, the Institute offers one practical course on Media Production every semester; topic areas include film and broadcast journalism (radio, TV, digital). At times, we also offer research methods courses in English (e.g., Qualitative Methods).

Winter term
Media Theory A 8 ECTS
Media Theory B 8 ECTS
Media Theory C 8 ECTS
Media Production 6 ECTS
  30 ECTS
Summer term
Media Analysis A 8 ECTS
Media Analysis B 8 ECTS
Media Analysis C 8 ECTS
Media Production 6 ECTS


 Current English-taught courses

Free Project

International students who are enrolled in Media Studies can always do a free project that can be situated in journalism (report on local issue, …), media production (film, radio documentary, …) or academic practice (small empirical research). The free project corresponds to the module “P1 Projektstudium” of the BA course.

In order to start a project please talk to a professor/teacher and present your idea in a short written proposal. (To find the appropriate professor, browse through the staff profile pages, or ask the departmental Erasmus coordinator for assistance.) After the professor has agreed to supervise your project, you will report to him/her on a regular basis about the proceedings of your project. Finally, you will have to submit a written project report together with your production.

You can do the free project in a small group as well. It might be a good idea to team up with a local student.

A free project will be worth 6 ECTS, and you will be expected to spend about 180 hours of work (each person!) on the whole production process.

Courses offered by other departments

You can apply for courses of other departments as well. All courses are listed in the Campus system. Please apply via Campus, or otherwise contact the respective teacher of the course directly via email.

Campus (online course catalogue)

If you are looking especially for courses taught in English, you can find an overview of every faculty’s English course offer on the website of the International Office:

English-taught courses throughout the university

German Language Courses

International Students can apply for German Language Courses that are conducted by the International Office. You can even earn ECTS credits by completing these courses.

German Language Courses


Erasmus-Students who timely hand in their Learning Agreement will be registered to the chosen courses.

All other international students: Please fill in the course application form and send it to internationalspam

Course Application Form for Incomings