Institute of Media Studies

Erasmus+ staff mobility

As part of the Erasmus + program, the mobility for teaching, training, and qualification of lecturers, but also of the general university staff are encouraged. In general, the stay in Tübingen can vary from 2 days to 2 months (one month counts for 30 days), depending on the availability of funds and prior consultation.


For stays up to 7 days, 8 hours of class must be held; from the eighth day on, it is 16 hours and so on.

For more information, please refer to the website of the Erasmus + staff mobility.

The Institute of Media Studies in Tübingen offers a range of research specializations. Please find below the chairs and focus of research. Please contact the person below.

Transformations in Media Cultures

Prof. Dr. Tanja Thomas

Audiovisual media, film and TV

Prof. Dr. Susanne Marschall

Media analysis and media production

Prof. Dr. Jürg Häusermann

Journalism, print and online media

Prof. Dr. Bernahrd Pörksen

Media Innovation/ Media Change

Prof. Dr. Klaus Sachs-Hombach

Empirical media research

Prof. Dr. Guido Zurstiege