Faculty of Humanities

International Profile

With its more than 25 institutes focusing on many diverse cultures, languages and literatures, the Faculty of Humanities naturally has a strong international profile. Therefore, an international approach is a vital aspect of the faculty.

Various interdisciplinary research projects and collaborations with universities worldwide reflect our international outlook. Students and researchers benefit from the numerous contacts to different universities all over the world. Moreover, the faculty of humanities hosts many visiting scholars, who teach and work on conduct research at the University of Tübingen. The broad curriculum underlines our international profile. In this context, one has to highlight the numerous classes taught in English by international lecturers within the Teach@Tübingen program. Furthermore, the faculty offers joint degree programs in cooperation with universities in France, Korea, and Poland.

The Faculty of Humanities teaches more than 40 languages. There are classes in ancient and modern languages from all around the world.

As another distinctive feature of the Faculty of Humanities is the close networking with the three branch offices in Asia - in Kyoto, Seoul and Beijing. This enables students with a major in Asian language and culture to study abroad and experience that culture first hand. In this way, students can not only sharpen their language skills, but also deepen their knowledge about East Asian history and modern lifestyle.