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(International) Doctorate Programs

PhD network

In a PhD network three to four professors work in an interdisciplinary context on a particular subject or a particular method. Up to seven students participate in these networks, the funding is provided through scholarships (Landesgraduiertenförderung).

Fench-German Graduate School Aix-Tübingen/Collège doctoral franco-allemand Aix-Tübingen "Cultures of conflict/Conflicts of cultures"

The graduate school facilitates interdisciplinary and bilateral access to conduct research on conflicts. It is based on the assumption that our modern societies have become much more heterogeneous and atomized due to the emergence of new systems of interaction, migration and mobilization that converge in the phenomenon of globalization. This process has impacted on our ways of living and hence on our language as well as on literary and artistic production.

The study of conflicts, translated into these altered forms of expression, thus requires a new reading of cultural theories and of cultural products, for example: