Faculty of Humanities

Exchange Programs

Depending on your major, your preferred country, length of stay or individual preferences you might consider various types of exchange programs. Here you can find information on the three most popular exchange programs used by the majority of our students.

European Exchange Programs: ERASMUS+

ERASMUS is the most common exchange program for German students who want to go abroad. The division for International Affairs offers a detailed list of Tübingen’s ERASMUS partners within each Faculty and the respective ERASMUS coordinators.

If you intend to apply please directly refer to your contact person in your institute. We also suggest consulting the professional advisor of your degree program during the early stages of your planning.

Non-European Exchange Programs

If you would like to study in Canada, the United States, Latin America, South Africa, or any other world region, please get in contact with the consultants of Division III for International Affairs, who are responsible for exchange programs. The University of Tübingen offers a number of exchange programs for overseas and non-EU countries, such as Israel and Russia.

On the web pages of Division III for International Affairs (Section 1: Exchange Programs) you can download the respective application forms and find detailed information about the different programs and the requirements necessary for application.

Individual exchange

Professors have a wide range of worldwide contacts with universities, departments and other professors. You can contact the lecturers or professors at your institute, if you prefer to individually organize a stay at a university abroad.