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Peking: European Centre for Chinese Studies

The European Centre for Chinese Studies at Peking University (ECCS) was founded by the Universities of Tübingen and Copenhagen in 2001, in cooperation with the renowned Peking University (PKU). Affiliated to the PKU Department of Chinese Language and Literature, ECCS maintains an office and classrooms on PKU campus.

Students can participate in a tailored one-semester language program or even enroll in the B.A. study program “Chinese Studies with a Vocational Focus” established in 2012 (2 semesters).

Besides the teaching program for European students, ECCS conducts an academic exchange program for PKU faculty members and language teachers to come to the European partner universities, mostly for one semester, to pursue their research studies and to teach courses.

In addition, ECCS serves as a bridge for academic communication and research cooperation between the European partner universities and Peking University. It supports researchers from the partner universities in their research activities and in all organizational respects of scholarly visits to PKU and gives institutional support to the organization of academic conferences. It is intended to further develop the research dimension of ECCS in the future.