Faculty of Humanities

Doctoral Certificate Program in "Global South Studies"


The Doctoral Certificate Program in “Global South Studies” is a structured postgraduate qualification offer for doctoral candidates. It is designed to give doctoral candidates in discipline-based PhD programmes an additional cross-disciplinary qualification in the area of Global South Studies. As part of the certificate, the global horizons of interaction in academic practice will be reflected and incorporated in the postgraduate education. The planned certification is intended for PhD students of the University of Tübingen from disciplinary programs with a demonstrable connection to questions posed by Global South Studies; it is also open to PhD students from mobility programs in cooperation with our partner universities in the Global South. The program can be completed within a year. It consists of three modules covering central areas of academic qualification:

  • Module 1: Methodology and Theory of Global South Studies
  • Module 2: Presentation, Writing and Publishing Skill
  • Module 3: Teaching Skills

Additionally, the doctoral certificate includes a mentoring program. This ensures individual supervision of the candidate’s scholarly career by experts in the appropriate discipline from the ICGSS and/or the involved partner universities.

A minimum of half the requirements is to be completed at the University of Tübingen (increasingly, on-site courses can be completed via digital (zoom) participation). The board of examiners decides on the acknowledgement of activities completed at the partner universities.