Faculty of Humanities



The certificate is modular and comprises a total of 15 ECTS.

12 ECTS points are earned through mandatory course work, 3 ECTS points are covered by the optional program.

Module 1: Methodology and Theory of Global South Studies

  • Advanced Seminar covering theories and methods of Global South Studies*, 3 ECTS
  • Presentation of personal project in the Advanced Seminar, 1 ECTS
  • Optional: Additional seminars**, 3 ECTS

Module 2: Presentation, Writing and Publishing Skills

  • Conference presentation, 2 ECTS
  • Academic article for a refereed journal submitted for publication OR application for third-party funds*, 2 ECTS
  • Optional (if offered): Workshop Scholarly Writing/Research Management/ etc. (1 ECTS each)

Module 3: Teaching Skills

  • Design and conceptualization of a course pertaining to Global South Studies*, 1 ECTS
  • Implementation or co-teaching of the course**, 3 ECTS
  • Optional (if offered): Introduction to university didactics or similar course (1 ECTS) / work shadowing in the field of teaching (1 ECTS)

*Activities that must be completed at Tübingen.

**Activities that may be completed at Tübingen or at the partner universities.