Institute of Evolution and Ecology (EvE)

The Doctoral Student Seminar (DOSE)

Doctoral student seminars offer a platform for EVEREST students to discuss their projects, scientific approaches and career plans in an informal atmosphere. Students take turns in hosting the seminar, offering hands-on practical insights or 'behind-the-scences' tours to core facilities and collections to let their fellow students delve into their scientific methods, challenges of field or lab work, or perspectives for data analysis.

The seminar concludes with joint snacks and drinks..

Host take care that the attendance sheet is signed by all participants and soon submitted to the EVEREST coordinators.

DOSE Programme 2020







Jan Wed, 15th 17:15 Korinna Allhoff AdM 3, room 36 Special DoSe
Feb Thu, 13th 18:00 William Snyder Rümelinstr. 19, room 602 Culture of oranzees
Aug Tue, 11th 16:00 Li Li Zoom The application of controlled experimentation in lithic studies
Sep Wed, 16th 18:00 Sophie Gabriele Habinger Zoom t.b.a.
Oct Thu, 1st t.b.a. Jordy Orellana Zoom Machine Learning Methods in Archaeological Research
Oct Tue, 20th 17:00 Heiko Hinneberg Zoom Get a lot out of a little - data collection for the preservation of a rare butterfly
Nov Wed, 18th 17:00 Anne Kremmer Zoom t.b.a.


DOSE Programme 2019

Month Date Time Speaker Room Title
Jan Wed 23rd 17:15 Abel Bosman INA, Rümelinstraße 23, Room 703 A short introduction to CT scans, volume processing, mesh reconstruction, and morphometric analyses in the study of skeletal remains


Wed, 06th 16:15 Franziska Willems Herbarium Tubingense, Auf der Morgenstelle 3 Mining Herbaria and roaming the forests
Mar Wed, 13th 16:15 Prof. Oliver Bossdorf Auf der Morgenstelle 3, Room 36 Funding opportunities
Apr Thu, 11th 16:00 Prof. Nico Michiels Auf der Morgenstelle 28E, 5th floor, A20

Time flies: How to focus in a world of distraction

Apr Mon, 15th 17:15 Robert Rauschkolb Greenhouses at the Morgenstelle 3 Back to the Future - using the resurrection approach
Apr Mon, 29th 19:00 Jessica Starke Rümelinstaße 23,
room 703
Don't be afraid to leave academic research because more types of research exist than you might think of!
May Wed 15th 15:30 Dr. Neumann main entrance Lothar-Meyer-Bau, Wilhelmstr. 56  Guided tour "Mineralogical Collection"
Jun Thu, 13th 16:30 Julia Geue Auf der Morgenstelle 28E, 4th floor, A03 Landscape genomics as a useful tool for conservation prioritization: a case study with an important pollinator species
Oct Wed, 16th 17:30 Carolin Röding Rümelinstaße 23,
room 703
Virtual reconstruction (from fragments through to a cranium) and the study of endocasts
Nov Wed,
16:00 Annabelle-Louise Lockey, Laura Limmer Rümelinstaße 23,
room 703

Teeth Tuesday: Application of Micro CT and Confocal Microscopes to uncover the hidden roots of dentition

Dec Thu, 12th 18:00 Thommaso Mori

Rümelinstaße 23,

room 603

Virtual antrophology, from fragements to shape