Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

About Us

Philosophy of the department

We think that the best environment for high-quality science and academic education is informal, communicative and international. We achieve this by encouraging self-responsibility, high personal standards, and an open rather than status-related social environment. We have regular informal meetings and use English frequently. Our profile is strengthened by active presence in the media, participation and organisation of international conferences, and numerous contacts with international research groups. We see it as our responsibility to educate students and young scientists for an academic as well as a non-academic career, by emphasizing general skills such as (self-)presentation, working with concepts (first think, then do), the usage of English, the application of computers and working in a team. This is in addition to the qualifications typical of our department, which are in the area of evolutionary genetics and behavioural ecology, computational phylogenetics, morphology and histology, karyology, image analysis and statistics. PhD theses in this department are always in English. Bachelor and Master theses or State Examination theses can be in English or German.

Science Chat

The Science Chat is our internal seminar attended by all students and scientists currently involved in research projects at our department. The Science Chat take places on a weekly basis every Wednesday at 11:00 in our seminar room (E5P43). It serves to discuss our research projects and also current topics in Evolutionary Biology. It is only open to members of the department (including technicians, undergraduates, PhD students, postdocs, and the Prof.) to permit a relaxed atmosphere and the presence of a competent group of people. With the help of these meetings, we aim to solve problems in our research work and also enjoy a stimulating exchange of ideas. For more information ask Pierre-Paul Bitton.