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Elisabeth May


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Aim of the study

The research topic of my master’s thesis is part of the interdisciplinary MiWa project. Here, the influence of microplastics as well as microplastics combined with environmentally relevant chemicals as stressor of aquatic organisms is being considered. Sorption of lipophilic substances at the microplastic particles is suspected of affecting the bioavailability of these chemicals strongly.
My contribution to the MiWa project are exposure experiments with adult animals of Marisa cornuarietis - known as giant ramshorn snail - and measurements of acetylcholinesterase inhibition with biochemical assays. Inhibition of these enzymes is leading to hyperstimulation of neural cells. Combined with behaviour observations and other biomarkers it is giving information about the stress reaction of the animals. This project is taking the research of microplastic particles in our waters one step further.