Institute of Evolution and Ecology (EvE)

Silas Lendzele Sevidzem

Short CV

I am interested in biting flies and in the design of traps for their control. I have participated in several field works in Central and West Africa (Cameroon, Gabon and Ivory Coast). I started with the first field test of my trap, the ‘Sevi Trap’ (Lendzele et al., 2017) with the MSEG team in the Sora-Mboum Sahel Savanna of Cameroon. Since 2016 I am collaborating with the Cameroon-German DFG-research project with Dr. Albert Eisenbarth and PD Dr. Alfons Renz (University of Tuebingen, Germany) in a Tabanidae project at the Vina du Sud in the Adamaoua Plateau. Together with Leif Rauhöft from the University of Tuebingen, I am testing a novel trap (Sucking Cube) developed for trapping blood-hungry Simulium flies.

Professional skills

Morphotaxonomist, dissector and designing traps for the following insects: Glossines, Tabanids, Stomoxes, Mosquitoes, Ceratopogonids, Simulium and Ticks.

Identification and isolation of haemoparasites: Microfilaria, trypanosomes, plasmodium as well as viruses (FMDV) etc from vertebrate hosts and flies.

Serological diagnosis –ELISA Kits, Molecular diagnosis (rt RT PCR) and conventional PCRs.

Workshops attended

Molecular Entomology Workshop in Tubingen in Germany from 30th July to 13 August 2017

Membership of professional organizations

Member (May 19/2016- present)-World Federation of Parasitologists (WFP)

Member (May 19/ 2016- present)-Danish Society for Parasitology (DSP)

Collaborator of Programme Onchocercoses (2016-till date)

Global Foot and Mouth Disease Research Alliance (2017till date)

Member of the International Society of Infectious Diseases (ISID)

Editorial services

Editor in: The Scientific Pages of HIV and AIDS

Editor in SM Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (sexualdiseasesspam

Editor in the International Journal of Research in Biosciences

Review member of the Asian Journal of Medicine and Health (Dr M. Basumondal)

Research Projects

Environmental FMDV transmission project funded by USDA-CEAH 2016-2017

Tabanids project in South Vina (supported by DFG 2016)

2012-Moderator and Presenter in a Conference at the Higher institute of Applied Medical Laboratory Sciences (HIAMS) Buea: Entitled- Medical Diagnostics with focus on Malaria diagnosis.

2015-Present Researcher in the Laboratory of Vector borne Parasite and infectious tropical diseases University of Dschang.

2017-Internship at the National Veterinary Laboratory (LANAVET) Garoua Cameroon to perfect on serological and molecular diagnostics.

2017 June: Vaccination of Domestic Birds against New Castle Disease, a joint project of CAPHAVET- MINEPIA

2016 till date: Post graduate student at the Disease Ecology and Computer Modeling Laboratory (DECML) of the Ohio State University (USA).


General Parasitology (practicals in Laboratory and field) in the Department of Parasitology and Parasitic diseases in the School of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Ngaoundere.

Ref: Pr Mamoudou Abdoulmoumin (mamoudou.abdoulmouminispam


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