Institute of Evolution and Ecology (EvE)

Active photolocation

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Publications from this project

  • Michiels, N. K. et al. (2018): Controlled iris radiance in a diunal fish looking at prey. Royal Society Open Science
  • Santon, M., Bitton, P.-P., Harant, U. K. & Michiels, N. K. (2018): Daytime eyeshine contributes to pupil camouflage in a cryptobenthic marine fish. Scientific Reports
  • Harant, U., Michiels N.K. (2017): Fish with red fluorescent eyes forage more efficiently under dim, blue-green light conditions BMC Ecology
  • Fritsch, R., Ullmann, J.F.P., Bitton, P.P., Collin, S.P., Michiels, N.K. (2017): Optic-nerve-transmitted eyeshine, a new type of light emission from fish eyes. Frontiers in Zoology 2017


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