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BSc Modules

3010 Biostatistics I; Michiels, Anthes

3066 Tropical Marine Ecology; Michiels, Harant

3074 Scientific Writing Skills; Michiels, Anthes

3116 Advanced Animal Evolutionary Ecology I; Michiels, Anthes, Santon, N.N.

3136 Marine Biodiversity: Indonesia; Michiels, Santon

3160 Ökofaunistik; Anthes, Michiels

3169 Marine Biology; N.N., Michiels

3178 Reef Ecology; N.N, Michiels

MSc Modules

4009 Essentials in Evolutionary Biology; Michiels

4011 Teaching Skills, D'Souza; Michiels

4012 Project Conceptualization MEEMS; Michiels

4064 Advanced Animal Evolutionary Ecology II; Michiels, Anthes, Santon, N.N.

4118 Visual Ecology; Santon, Michiels

4197 Experimental Design; N.N., Michiels


Ökofaunistik (takes not place in 2018)

Tropical Marine Ecology (takes not place in 2018)

Marine Biodiversity: Indonesia (13/03/2018 - 01/04/2018)