Student theses in the Plant Ecology group

Upcoming theses (MSc and BSc) opportunities starting in 2019/2020

Contact Katja Tielbörger katja.tielbörgerspam

T1. Evolution of heterocarpic plants

T2. Evolution of flowering time under climate change

T3. Competition intensity and relatedness

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Contact Jan Ruppert jan.ruppertspam

R1. Can plant biodiversity and habitat heterogeneity be seen from the sky?

R2.Is spectral diversity related to biodiversity and habitat heterogeneity?

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Contact Maja Majekova maria.majekovaspam

M1. Can plants remember their future?

M2. Dry or die: quantifing plants' ability to withstand drought

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Contact Maxi Herberich maximiliane.herberichspam

H1. Resistance of forests and grasslands to extreme drought

H2. The insurance hypothesis - a matter of response variable

H3. Asynchony of species responses explain reisistance and resilience of temperate grasslands towards extreme drought

H4. How to reproduce under drought stress: seed versus vegetative reporduction, or: True diversity: does clonality obscure our perspective on diversity of temperate plant communities?

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