Department of Biology

Molecular Cell Biology & Immunology

The M.Sc. programme, Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology (MCBI), provides instruction on the complex regulation of cellular and immunological processes in humans and animals. The focus of this area of specialization is on the in-depth scientific investigation of the molecular mechanisms that regulate the function and behavior of cells and, if defective, lead to disease. The experimental subjects will be model organisms, such as Drosophila or Caenorhabditis and cell cultures from single animal or human cells. The experimental results will provide insight into, e.g., cell functions in cell clusters, cell differentiation and organ development. The immunological processes will be examined with particular reference to disease-related malfunctions, as they occur in cases of immunodeficiency or in the context of tumor immunology.

Course language is English. Few individual required elective courses are conducted in German.


Application is only possible for the winter semester (deadline July 15th, 32 places). At University of Tübingen you can apply simultaneously for a maximum of three master courses. Application is online only. Access to the application portal is to be found here.

Please contact our International Office for any questions regarding application and admission procedures for international students.

Requirements (preliminary Selection Statutes 2023):

Selection criteria for the ranking list: bachelor’s degree grade. The grade can, if applicable, be “improved” by bonus points.

The exact grade required for admission can not be fixed, as this depends on the number of applicants. In the past years, the grade limit was 2,0.

IMPORTANT: If your bachelor’s degree certificate is not available by the closing date, July 15th, you may submit an interim certificate or a transcript of records. This interim report must contain the average grade attained up to that point, as otherwise the application cannot be taken into consideration! Every year around 10% of applications are rejected because their reports contain no average grade!

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