Communication Networks

Steffen Lindner, M.Sc.

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Raum B304

Lehrstuhl für Kommunikationsnetze

Universität Tübingen

Wilhelm-Schickard-Institut für Informatik

Sand 13, 72076 Tübingen

I'm a researcher and PhD student at the Chair of Communication Networks at University of Tübingen. Previously, I studied computer science (Bachelor's and Master's degree 2014-2019) at University of Tuebingen.

Research Interests

My current research areas include:

  • Software-Defined Networks
  • P4
  • Congestion Management 



Summer Term 2019

Winter Term 2019/2020

  • Programmierprojekt (Supervising)

Summer Term 2020

Supervised Theses and Student Research Projects


  • Bachelor Thesis: Comparison and Analysis of Data Center Routing with RIFT and OSPF

List of Publications


  1. Steffen Lindner, Daniel Merling, Marco Häberle and Michael Menth: P4-Protect: 1+1 Path Protection for P4 (preprint on arxiv, February 2020)

Conference Papers

  1. D. Merling, S. Lindner, and M. Menth: Comparison of Fast-Reroute Mechanisms for BIER-Based IP Multicast, preprint, in Prodeedings of the International Conference on Software Defined Systems, Apr. 2020, Paris, France


  1. Steffen Lindner: P4-Protect: 1+1 Path Protection for P4,  2. KuVS Fachgespräch Network Softwarization, Tübingen, Deutschland, April 2020.


  1. Steffen Lindner: Design and P4-Based Implementation of Scalable and Resilient BIER and BIER-TE for Large IP Multicast Networks, Master-Thesis, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Chair of Communication Networks, March 2019 (pdf)
  2. Steffen Lindner: Performance Evaluation of an Alternative Best Effort Traffic Class Offering Loss/Delay Differentiation, Bachelor-Thesis, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Chair of Communication Networks, August 2017