Dr. rer. nat. Benjamin Resch

EMail B. Resch
Phone +49 (0)7071 / 29-70542
Address Department of Computer Science
Computer Graphics
Maria-von-Linden-Str. 6
72076 Tübingen, Germany
Room 20-31/A6

Research Interests



Robust and Efficient Camera-based Scene Reconstruction.
Benjamin Josef Resch
PhD Thesis
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Conference Papers

Dense and Scalable Reconstruction from Unstructured Videos with Occlusions.
Jian Wei, Benjamin Resch, Hendrik P. A. Lensch.
VMV 2017 (Oral).
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Multi-View Continuous Structured Light Scanning.
Fabian Groh, Benjamin Resch, Hendrik P. A. Lensch
GCPR 2017 (oral).
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Real Time Direct Visual Odometry for Flexible Multi-Camera Rigs
Benjamin Resch, Jian Wei and Hendrik P. A. Lensch
ACCV 2016

Dense and Occlusion-Robust Multi-View Stereo for Unstructured Videos.
Jian Wei, Benjamin Resch, Hendrik P. A. Lensch
CRV 2016 (Oral).
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Scalable Structure from Motion for Densely Sampled Videos
Benjamin Resch, Hendrik Lensch, Oliver Wang, Marc Pollefeys, Alexander Solkine-Hornung
IEEE CVPR 2015 on June 8th
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Local Image Feature Matching Improvements for Omnidirectional Camera Systems.
Benjamin Resch, Jochen Lang, Hendrik P. A. Lensch
ICPR 2014, pp. 918-923.
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Multi-View Depth Map Estimation With Cross-View Consistency.
Jian Wei, Benjamin Resch, Hendrik P. A. Lensch
BMVC 2014
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