Applications Open for the IMPRS IS Class of 2020

Apply now for your PhD position in Tübingen

Looking for a PhD in machine learning in one of the world's leading research institutions for this domain? We're looking to fill several PhD positions as part of this year's IMPRS IS, Germany's largest graduate school for AI, ML, and Intelligent Systems. Please send your application directly through the applciation portal. In Q4 2019, we will not consider new PhD applications other than through the IMPRS portal.


Open Positions

We are continuously looking for highly motivated students for BSc and MSc theses, for research internships, and not least for PhD projects.


BSc- and MSc Theses

You are studying in Tübingen? If you are interested in doing your BSc oder MSc thesis in our group, you can find a list of currently available topics, together with contact details, here.


PhD Positions

PhD positions in machine learning are highly sought after. Whether or not you have studied in Tübingen, we are looking forward to your application. Please consider the following note, however.

Please send your applications by mail. 

We are fortunate to work in a popular area, and to continously attract interest from a large number of students.

If you are not a student at the Eberhard Karls University, we are very happy to receive your application for a PhD position or an internship. However, to reduce the amount of unspecific applications, we ask you to please send your documents by mail (on paper, in an envelope). If you are seriously interested in our work, surely the low postage fees are not going to dissuade you. Applications sent by email may be ignored. There is one exception from this rule: Applications to our group within the IMPRS IS graduate school (deadline once per year in the autumn) can be sent through the IMPRS's centralized application system.

In every application, please include at least the following three parts:

  1. a CV
  2. a transcript of records
  3. a short (!) letter explaining why you are interested in working with us

Please address your letter to 

Franziska Weiler
Lehrstuhl für Methoden des Maschinellen Lernens
Maria-von-Linden-Straße 6
72076 Tübingen