Neural Information Processing



Fred Mast will give a talk at the KogWis lecture on Thursday, December 6h, 2018

Title of his talk: "The Brain's Vestibular Network: From Sensory Inference to Mental Simulation”

Felix Wichmann works together with him and has invited him to come to Tübingen.

His talk will take place at the Fachbereich Psychologie, Schleichstr.4, Ebene 3, Raum 4326 at 16 hrs ct.
To get more information on the KogWis lectures, please click here and have a look at the timetable of the "Forschungskolloquium Kognitionswissenschaft".

Fred Mast is the Head of Cognitive Psychology, Perception and Research Methods, Dean  of the Human Sciences Faculty and  Ordinarius at the University of Bern.