VisSim-Plugin für InSilco


Interactive visual simulator for systems biology models

Mykola Zakharchuk developed an interactive InSilico plugin in his bachelor thesis.

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Google funds three students' projects

Three international students contribute to software projects of the systems biology research group...

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4th Annual Meeting for Biological Systems Modeling

Abstracts can be submitted until April 11to SysMod at ISMB/ECCB.

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First version of an InSilico app for SBML files

Robert Deibel created a table-based editor plugin for InSilco.

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Google Summer of Code 2019

International students may now apply for exciting projects.

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Gene deletion increases bacterial virulence

Genes of the central carbon metabolism influence the virulence of the hospital germ P. aeruginosa.

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The first draft model of the syphilis pathogen

In her master thesis, Silvia Morini reconstructed the first genome-scale model for Treponema...

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New cluster of excellence for fighting infectious diseases

The University of Tübingen was able to acquire 3 clusters of excellence—one with systems biology...

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Visualization of Biochemical Processes - Temperature Dependence in Red Blood Cells

Animation explains temperature dependence of metabolism in human erythrocytes.

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Visualization of biochemical processes—storage of blood platelets

An animation explains biochemical processes in blood through a novel visualization.

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New plugin-based software framework

Congratulations to Roman Schulte for successfully defending his bachelor thesis.

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Google Summer of Code 2018 (GSoC)

Shalin Shah of Duke University successfully worked on the SBSCL project this summer.

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Newly appointed: Junior Professor Dr. Andreas Dräger

Junior Professor of Computational Systems Biology of Infection and Antimicrobial-Resistant Pathogens...

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Modeling of metabolism and gene expression in SBML

First draft for a uniform standard for storing ME models in SBML developed.

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Validation and simulation of qualitative models in Java™

A package for logical modeling has been added to the Java library JSBML.

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Dynamic visualization of time-dependent data in the context of systems biology networks

In two bachelor theses, methods were developed for animating biological networks using time-lapse...

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Modeling of the essential genes of microbial life

EU-Projekt leistet Beitrag, um lebensnotwendigen genetischen Kern von Zellen zu identifizieren.

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YouTube Channel to Systems Biology

A new channel with topics related to systems biology has been set up on YouTube.

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Tübingen Bioinformatics supports international study into microbe survival

Bioengineers identify key genes and functions for sustaining microbial life in University of...

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Bioengineers identify essential genes of microbial life.

New study defines minimal genetic composition and functions of bacterial cells.

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