Interactive visual simulator for systems biology models

Mykola Zakharchuk developed an interactive InSilico plugin in his bachelor thesis.

VisSim-Plugin für InSilco
Screenshot of the InSilcio plugin VisSim, which includes and simulates systems biology models in standard file formats.

As a result of his bachelor thesis, Mykola Zakharchuk created a new plugin for the InSilico platform with which systems biology models can be simulated with a mouse click and the results can be displayed graphically. The software fits easily into the InSilico framework and supports both SBML and SED-ML as well as files as COMBINE archives (OMEX). Thus even complex models can be simulated intuitively. The graphical representation of the results supports different axis scaling (logarithmic or linear) as well as export to standard image formats. The software is freely available on