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Obituary for Prof. Dr. Rolf Niedermeier

It was with sadness and dismay that we recently heard of the death of Rolf Niedermeier.

Rolf Niedermeier came to us after studying computer science at the the TU Munich in the fall of 1994 as one of the first doctoral researcher of the newly established chair for Theoretical Computer Science at the Wilhelm Schickard Institute. After his doctoral defense in 1996 and a year of research at DIMATIA in Prague, he worked his way up to a leading role in the then still young field of Parametrized Complexity. Thus, he habilitated in 2002 with the thesis "Invitation to Fixed-Parameter Algorithms". At the end of 2004, meanwhile head of a junior research group within the Emmy-Noether-Program, he accepted a call to the University of Jena, from where he moved to the TU Berlin in 2010.

Obituary at the TU Berlin