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Offer of W1 professorship "Software Engineering" (TT) accepted

We are pleased that Jonathan Brachthäuser (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) has accepted the offer of the W1 professorship "Software Engineering" (with tenure track). Dr. Brachthäuser will take up the professorship on 01.11.2021. Welcome to the Department of Computer Science!

Before starting his Postdoc, Dr. Brachthäuser obtained a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Tübingen. In the past, he also worked at Microsoft Research, Redmond and contributed to Microsoft’s language Koka. His research touches various different aspects of software modularity and is positioned between Software Engineering and Programming Languages. His goal is to support software developers with the correct tools to efficiently develop correct software – be it design patterns, type- and effect systems, new programming languages, or tools like IDEs.