Department of Geoscience

Research Theme: Earth System Evolution

The Earth is composed of interacting components including the solid Earth, biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and cryosphere.  The research theme “Evolution of Earth Systems” investigates the interactions between these components on both human and geologic (millions of years) timescales, with an emphasis on understanding terrestrial processes.

Selection of Research Topics in the Field of Earth System Evolution

Magmatic and metamorphic processes, economic geology

Mechanics, structure, and stability of glaciers and ice sheets

Tectonics, structure, and physics of the solid Earth

Application of novel geochemical and modeling techniques to quantify Earth history and environmental change

Interactions between the biosphere and geosphere

Paleoecology and evolution of life on Earth

Earth surface processes, soils, and geomorphology

Climate and paleoclimate investigations using geochemical, paleontological, and computer modeling techniques