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Application Master Geoecology

Admission to M.Sc. Geoecology is possible in both the winter and summer semesters. The program currently doesn't have restricted admission. The application deadline for the approval process usually runs until 31 March or 30 September of the same year.

The program is open to all graduates of a Geoecology Bachelor degree (regardless of the university location) who have graduated with a higher than average degree. If a candidate has a Bachelor degree in another scientific or engineering discipline, it must be checked whether the required study skills can be made up within the prescribed period. The approval would then be given with the requirement to make up the missing qualifications during the Master's program.
If you want to apply with a Bachelor's degree from an outside discipline, it is recommended that you contact the Academic Student Advisory Service (see below) in order to have the compliance of your Bachelor's degree checked.

Applications are made online to the Student Administration of the University of Tübingen. Please read prior to the application the "Application information sheet" (see below).

Please read also the Application information sheet



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