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Postdoc Project in Environmental Omics:

“Determining the impacts of glyphosate on microorganisms

using Omics techniques”


Glyphosate is a worldwide highly relevant herbicide, however the environmental
implications remain largely unknown. For instance, the application of glyphosate might have
toxic effects on some microorganisms, while other microorganisms are able to metabolize
this compound. Furthermore, the predominant environmental conditions (oxygen
concentration, phosphate content etc.) may influence the impacts of glyphosate on

This project will focus on the assessment of microbial pathways of glyphosate degradation
and the influence of glyphosate on microbial community composition and microbial
activities. Microcosms with environmental samples (e.g. soil, groundwater) amended with
glyphosate will be setup under varying conditions. Metagenomics will be used in
combination with metatranscriptomics and metaproteomics to identify expressed genes and
proteins. Furthermore, qPCR assays will be established and used to quantify functional genes
and transcripts related to microbial glyphosate degradation. In addition, there might be
opportunities for joint field experiments along with the microcosms.

The ideal candidate should have a solid background in Environmental Microbiology or
Microbial Ecology with experience in primer design and validation, application of Omics
techniques and analyses of Omics data sets. The employment (TVL E13, 100%, 2 years) will
be arranged by the administration of the University of Tübingen. The starting date is as soon
as possible. Disabled persons will be preferred in case of equal qualification.
Applications including CV, motivation letter (incl. statement of interest for this position),
transcripts, overview of techniques and methods used in the past, and contact address of
two referees should be send by email before 1st of December 2019 to:
Jun-Prof. Dr. Sara Kleindienst, email: sara.kleindienstspam


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