Applied Mineralogy

The "Applied Mineralogy" represented by Senior Prof. Klaus G. Nickel from 1992 to 2021 aimed at the investigation of economically or ecologically significant materials from the perspective of mineralogy.

The wide-ranging research covered both fundamental aspects of materials science, such as determining the stability of phases as a function of pressure, temperature and composition, and application-specific issues, such as the corrosion of heat protection tiles during atmospheric re-entry of space capsules. The materials studied included the full spectrum of inorganic materials, from natural stones and binders to monolithic ceramics, single crystals, and advanced composites. Interested parties can view the research via the publication list on this website above or the publication list at Research Gate.

Part of the activities of Applied Mineralogy was also dedicated to archaeometry. Thus, since its establishment in 2016, the Competence Center Archaeometry Baden-Württemberg ,at and in which Prof. Nickel is working and can be reached as Senior Professor of the University of Tübingen since his retirement in March 2021.