Center for Bioinformatics

ZBIT Pools

Room C306 (Sand 14) is a computer pool with 8 HP Compaq dc5850 Microtower PCs with an Athlon X2 5400B (2.8GHz) processor and 6 GB DDR-2 RAM each. All pool computers are configured identically and all ZBIT file servers are mounted. Pool computer names and their public SSH key fingerprints are in the table below.

Computer Name Fingerprint of RSA Key fb:7c:10:24:ed:46:1e:5e:e8:fb:76:93:41:a0:77:37 6d:db:4f:13:74:ff:30:e7:8b:8e:57:9c:57:ba:04:69 e8:e6:af:b1:00:2e:a2:9d:4f:8e:11:3f:14:88:37:7e e7:6c:5f:f5:35:ea:48:68:31:3a:d8:90:86:5f:9f:0d 0b:a9:17:ed:bf:fc:a6:19:9f:1b:24:9e:73:e9:28:8c

ac:53:bd:f5:c5:e3:4f:63:ba:88:06:29:91:b8:09:79 8a:69:41:b3:74:32:2a:7b:aa:2a:53:05:86:45:93:c3