Center for Plant Molecular Biology

Research Group Ragni
Periderm Development and Wood Formation


Dr. Ragni Laura, P.I.

Since October 2013 Independent group leader at ZMBP

2009-2013 post doc in Christian Hardtke lab at the University of Lausanne

2005-2008 Ph.D. student in Veronique Pautot lab at INRA Versailles, Fr

1999-2005 B.Sc.+ M.Sc. Università degli Studi di Milano

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David Molina, PhD student

He joined the lab in November 2018 to investigate the role of MYBs transcription facotr during cork differentiation.


office: 76671

Wei Xiao, PhD Student 

He joined our lab in September 2018 to study the role of auxin during periderm development


Dagmar Ripper, T.A.

Since 2003 T.A. at ZMBP

Expert in light and confocal microscopy and histology techniques


Andrea Bock, T.A.

Since 2003 T.A. at ZMBP

Expert in poplar, genotyping and cloning

Marta  Boi (Hiwi)

Since 2019


Dr. Azahara Barra Jimenez (Post doc)

Dr. Mehdi Ben-Targem (PhD student) Now post-doc at : 

Dr. Anna Wunderling PhD student)

Andreia Matos, (Visiting Ph.D Student EMBO short term fellow from Célia Miguel Lab)

Dagmar Kolb, (T.A.)

Stefan Mahn (Master student/HiWi)

Rebecca Richeter (Master student/HiWi)

Kathrin Sajak (Master student/HiWi)

Lucas Freidel, (HiWi)

Daniel Jeschke, (HiWi)