Center for Plant Molecular Biology

Group Mira-Rodado

As probably all of you know, anybody that needs special light condition to do any experiments is very welcome to use our LED rooms. We currently have different LED chambers for Red (R: 670nm), Far-Red (FR: 740nm) or Blue (BL: 473nm) light. These LED chambers can be set to different light intensities, do light/dark cycles and R/FR or BL/FR light pulses.

For the moment, the LED chambers are still placed in the old building (Auf der Morgenstelle 1) but will be moved to the new building (Auf der Morgenstelle 32), as soon as the cooling system in the new LED rooms works.

If you would like to use our LED rooms, you need to contact me either per phone or mail so I can reserve you some space. For availability, you can check the following calendar where all users are registered. You can NOT list yourself in this calendar; I will do that for you!

Virtudes Mira-Rodado

Phone: 07071- 29- 76940

Auf der Morgenstelle 32

Room 3N22