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New Publications at the ZMBP - Original Papers


Holzwart E, Wanke, F, Glöckner N, Höfte H, Harter K, Wolf S (2019)

A mutant allele uncouples the brassinosteroid-dependent and independent functions of BRASSINOSTEROID...

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Christina Krönauer, Joachim Kilian, Tina Strauß, Mark Stahl, Thomas Lahaye (2019).

Cell death triggered by the YUCCA-like Bs3 protein coincides with accumulation of SA and Pip but not...

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Hu, B., N. Wang, X. Bi, E.S. Karaaslan, A.-L. Weber, W. Zhu, et al. (2019)

Plant lamin-like proteins mediate chromatin tethering at the nuclear periphery. Genome Biology 20:...

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Tom Denyer, Xiaoli Ma, Simon Klesen, Emanuele Scacchi, Kay Nieselt, Marja C.P. Timmermans (2019)

Spatiotemporal Developmental Trajectories in the Arabidopsis Root Revealed Using High-Throughput...

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Stefan Bieker, Lena Riester, Jasmin Doll, Jürgen Franzaring, Andreas Fangmeier and Ulrike Zentgraf (2019)

Nitrogen Supply Drives Senescence-Related Seed Storage Protein Expression in Rapeseed Leaves, Genes...

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Wallmeroth N, Jeschke D, Slane D, Nägele J, Veerabagu M, Mira-Rodado V, Berendzen KW (2019)

ARR22 overexpression can suppress plant Two-Component Regulatory Systems- PLoS One 14(2): e0212056

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Gero L. Hermsdorf, Sven A. Szilagyi, Sebastian Rösch, and Erik Schäffer (2019)

High performance passive vibration isolation system for optical tables using six-degree-of-freedom...

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Michael Bugiel, Erik Schäffer (2018).

Three-Dimensional Optical Tweezers Tracking Resolves Random Sideward Steps of the Kinesin-8 Kip3. ...

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New Publications at the ZMBP - Reviews


Xing S, Wallmeroth N, Berendzen KW, Grefen C.(2016).

Techniques for the Analysis of Protein-Protein Interactions in Vivo. Plant Physiol. 2016...

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Krause C, Richter S, Knöll C, Jürgens G (2013).

Plant secretome - From cellular process to biological activity. Biochim Biophys Acta, doi:pii:...

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van Esse GW, Harter K, de Vries SC (2013).

Computational modeling of the BRI1-receptor system. Plant Cell Environ, doi: 10.1111/pce.12077.

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Bankaitis VA, Ile KE, Nile AH, Ren J, Ghosh R, Schaaf G (2012)

Thoughts on Sec14-like nanoreactors and phosphoinositide signaling. Adv Biol Regul, 52:115-21

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Robinson DG, Pimpl P, Scheuring D, Stierhof YD, Sturm S, Viotti C (2012)

Trying to make sense of retromer. Trends Plant Sci Apr 11. [Epub ahead of print]

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Lau S, Slane D, Herud O, Kong J, Jürgens G (2012)

Early embryogenesis in flowering plants: setting up the basic body pattern. Annu Rev Plant Biol...

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Brunner F, Nürnberger T (2012)

Identification of immunogenic microbial patterns takes the fast lane. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109,...

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Gust AA, Willmann R, Desaki Y, Grabherr HM, Nürnberger T (2012)

Plant LysM proteins: modules mediating symbiosis and immunity. Trends Plant Sci. 2012 May 10....

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