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Blaum BS, Mazzotta S, Nöldeke ER, Halter T, Madlung J, Kemmerling B#, Stehle T.

Structure of the pseudokinase domain of BIR2, a regulator of BAK1-mediated immune signaling in...

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Merelo P, Xie Y, Brand l, Ott F, Weigel D, et al. (2013)

Genome-wide identification of KANAD1 target genes. PLoS ONE 8, e77341.

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Gabriele Drechsel, André Kahles, Anil K. Kesarwani, Eva Stauffer, Jonas Behr, Philipp Drewe, Gunnar Rätsch and Andreas Wachter

Nonsense-Mediated Decay of Alternative Precursor mRNA Splicing Variants Is a Major Determinant of...

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Brand LH, Henneges C, Schüssler A, Kolukisaoglu HÜ, Koch G, Thurow K, Zell A, Harter K, Wanke D (2013).

High-throughput screening for protein-DNA interactions by automatable DPI-ELISA. PLoS ONE 8, e75177;...

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Trushko A, Schäffer E, Howard J. (2013).

The growth speed of microtubules with XMAP215-coated beads coupled to their ends is increased by...

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Brand LH, Fischer NM, Harter K, Kohlbacher O, Wanke D (2013).

Elucidating the evolutionary conserved DNA-binding specificities of WRKY transcription factors by...

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