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Wenke K, Wanke D, Kilian J, Berendzen K, Harter K, Piechulla B (2011).

Volatile-associated molecular patterns of two growth-inhibiting rhizobacteria commonly enrol...

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Richter S, Müller LM, Stierhof Y-D, Mayer U, Takada N, Kost B, Vieten A, Geldner N, Koncz C, Jürgens G (2011)

Polarized cell growth in Arabidopsis requires endosomal recycling mediated by GBF1-related ARF...

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Winklbauer EM, de Campos MKF, Dynowski D, and Schaaf G (2011)

A blueprint for functional engineering: Single point mutations reconstitute phosphatidylinositol...

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Ren J, Schaaf G, Bankaitis VA, Ortlund EA, and Pathak MC (2011)

Crystallization and Preliminary X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Sfh3, a Member of the Sec14-protein...

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