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Christina Rühl, Eva Stauffer, André Kahles, Gabriele Wagner, Gabriele Drechsel, Gunnar Rätsch and Andreas Wachter (2012)

Polypyrimidine Tract Binding Protein Homologs from Arabidopsis Are Key Regulators of Alternative...

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Manavella PA, Hagmann J, Ott F, Laubinger S, Franz M, Macek B, Weigel D.

Fast-Forward Genetics Identifies Plant CPL Phosphatases as Regulators of miRNA Processing Factor...

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Bauer J, Reiss K, Veerabagu M, Heunemann M, Harter K, Stehle T (2012).

Structure-function analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana histidine kinase AHK5 bound to its cognate...

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