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de Lange O, Wolf C, Thiel P, Krüger J, Kleusch C, Kohlbacher O, Lahaye, T (2015)

DNA-binding proteins from marine bacteria expand the known sequence diversity of TALE-like repeats. ...

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Müller TM, Böttcher C, Morbitzer R, Götz CC, Lehmann J, Lahaye T, Glawischnig E (2015)

TALEN-mediated generation and metabolic analysis of camalexin-deficient cyp71a12 cyp71a13 double...

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Bugiel M, Fantana H, Bormuth V, Trushko A, Schiemann F, Howard J, Schäffer E, Jannasch A (2015).

Versatile microsphere attachment of GFP-labeled motors and other tagged proteins with preserved...

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