Interfaculty Institute of Biochemistry (IFIB)

What is iGEM?

iGEM is an international competition that was originally founded by the MIT in Boston. The goal of the competition is inducing innovation in the subject area of synthetic biology by finding solutions for real and current problems of the world.

Who we are

We are passionate students from: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Molecular Medicine, Medicine, Nanoscience and English studies. Besides learning practical methods in the lab - especially by learning from elder members - we also do several other crucial things for maintaining such a big project. This includes autonomous and independent organisation in work groups, as well as pulling of sponsorings and presenting the idea of iGEM and our project to the public. We are backed by a vast expertise in scientific reasearch. Furthermore, the team offers a lot of experiences from previous competitions. (We take part since 2012).

How to join?

Every year in december we build a new team for the upcoming year of the competition. Do you have special skills or a creative idea? Feel free to contact us spontaneously!

Write us an Email: igemspam


In the last years we realized our projects with success, but without our helpful sponsors we would not have been able to do this. In this sense: this year we need any support we can get to realize our ambitious project and high goals. Please have a look at this years project and line up with our other sponsors.

To see who is supporting our team have a look at our Sponsoring site!

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