Interfaculty Institute of Biochemistry (IFIB)

Hailfinger group - lymphocyte activation

Welcome to our lab home page. We aim to identify new regulators of lymphocyte activation and to understand the underlying molecular mechanisms. Lymphocyte activation is mediated by large antigen receptor complexes on the cell surface, which are able to activate multiple signaling pathways leading to a rapid expansion of the lymphocytes and the initiation of effector functions. Very often such activating signaling pathways are deregulated in pathological situation like autoimmunity or lymphoma development and thus present interesting new therapeutic intervention targets.

Recently, we identified a protein regulating the assembly of the T cell receptor - CD3 complex. We try to understand its molecular function and its relevance in various diseases.

Lab members

You can reach us by phone under the following telephone numbers +49 7071 29 - 73360 / 74175.