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Topic: "Isolation and characterization of salt-tolerant nucleases from bacteria skin bacteria"

Salt-tolerant (halophilic) nucleases play an important role in the pharmaceutical industry for the removal (degradation) of DNA in protein purification, but more recently in the purification of viruses, for example for vaccine production.

Such halophilic nuclease-forming bacteria are to be isolated from the microbiota of humans and animals, and the gene identified and cloned. Selected nucleases with high salt tolerance and high DNA/RNAse activity are further examined biochemically.

Gross salary: 1700 €/month

Term: 2-3 years

We are looking for candidates with an MA degree in microbiology, biochemistry and experience in molecular biology/biochemistry.

If interested, contact:

AG Götz                 

Microbial Genetics

Interfaculty Institute for Microbiology and Infection Medicine Tübingen (IMIT)