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Kontakt / Contact information

Fachbereich Mathematik
Universität Tübingen
Auf der Morgenstelle 10
72076 Tübingen

Tel: +49-(0)7071/29-7 43 18
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Forschungsinteressen / Research interests

Mathematische Relativitätstheorie / Mathematical General Relativity
Geometrische Analysis / Geometric Analysis
Differentialgeometrie / Differential Geometry


Job Advertisement

Carla Cederbaum and Jan Metzger (Potsdam) are hiring a postdoc funded by the DFG-priority program SPP 2026 Geometry at Infinityjob advertisement: 3 year postdoc position in Geometric Analysis / Mathematical Relativity.


Veranstaltungen / Events

Fortlaufend siehe Kalender / regularly see calendar:

We are happy to announce the 3rd (virtual) FHST-Meeting on Geometry and Analysis [poster] on July 3, 2020. To receive zoom link and password, please email Angelika Spörer-Schmidle.


Mathematical General Relativity 2018

This conference will take place at the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO) from August 05 to August 11 2018. I co-organize it with Mihalis Dafermos, Jim Isenberg, and Hans Ringström.


Static metrics and Bartnik's quasi-local mass conjecture 2016

This conference I organized took place in Tübingen during May 17-20 2016. More information can be found here and on this poster.


Junior scientist Andrejewski Days: 100 years of General Relativity


I co-organized a conference for junior scientists with Prof. Dr. Jan Metzger, for more information see this website or our poster.