Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics

Constraining planet formation by understanding protoplanetary disk evolution

Carlo Manara, ESO Garching - 08.07.19


While protoplanetary disks are known to be the birthplace of planets, the understanding of both how and when planets form and how exactly disks evolve is still missing. We have been using our extensive surveys in several star-forming regions with VLT/X-Shooter spectroscopy and with high-resolution ALMA sub-mm data, combined with Gaia astrometric data to fill the gaps in the current theories.
I will report on the current stage of this multi-wavelength research, showing how we can constrain the timescales for planet formation and disk evolution with ALMA and Gaia, and how we can test disk evolution mechanisms, such as viscous evolution theory, combining ALMA data with measurements of the accretion rate onto young stars.