Institute for Theoretical Physics

Selected Recent Publications of the Group


J. Nakamura,

A set of new observables in the process e+e- -> ZHH,


J. Baglio, S. Dawson,

An NLO effective field theory analysis of W+W- production at the LHC including fermion operators,

Phys. Rev. D96 (2017) 073003

J. Nakamura,

Polarisations of the Z and W bosons in the processes pp -> ZH and pp -> WH,

JHEP 1708 (2017) 008

B. Jäger, L. Salfelder, M. Worek, D. Zeppenfeld,

Physics Opportunities for Vector-Boson Scattering at a Future 100 TeV Hadron Collider,


J. Baglio, C. Weiland,

The triple Higgs coupling: A new probe of low-scale seesaw models,


B. Biedermann, A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, L. Hofer, B. Jäger,

Next-to-leading order corrections to the production of four charged leptons at the LHC,

JHEP 1701:033 (2017)

J. Baglio, B. Jäger

in LHC Higgs Cross Section Working Group report Handbook of HIggs Cross Sections: 4 Deciphering the Nature of the Higgs Sector,


C. Borschensky, A. Kulesza,

Double parton scattering in pair-production of J/Ψ mesons at the LHC revisited,


J. Baglio,

Gluon fusion and bbar corrections to HW+W-/HZZ production in the POWHEG-BOX,

Phys. Lett. B764 (2017) 54

W. Beenakker, C. Borschensky, M. Krämer, A. Kulesza, E. Laenen,

NNLL-fast: predictions for coloured supersymmetric particle production at the LHC with threshold and Coulomb resummation,


B. Jäger, L. Salfelder

in M.L. Mangano et al., Physics at a 100 TeV pp collider: Standard Model processes, CERN report CERN-TH-2016-112,


J. Baglio, B. Jäger, M. Kesenheimer,

Electroweakino pair production at the LHC: NLO SUSY-QCD corrections and parton-shower effects,

JHEP 1607:083 (2016)

B. Biedermann, M. Billoni, A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, L. Hofer, B. Jäger, L. Salfelder,

Next-to-leading order electroweak corrections to pp --> W+ W- --> 4 leptons at the LHC,

JHEP: 1606:065 (2016)

J. Baglio, J. Nakamura,

Jet azimuthal angle correlations in the production of a Higgs boson pair plus two jets at hadron colliders,


J. Baglio, C. Weiland,

Heavy neutrino impact on the triple Higgs coupling,

Phys. Rev. D94 (2016) 013002

B. Biedermann, A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, L. Hofer, B. Jäger,

Electroweak corrections to pp --> μ+ μ- e+ e- + X at the LHC: a Higgs background study,

Phys. Rev. Lett. 116 (2016) 161803

J. Baglio,

Next-to-leading order QCD corrections to associated production of a SM Higgs boson with a pair of weak bosons in the POWHEG-Box,

Phys. Rev. D93 (2016) 054010

J. Baglio, A. Djouadi, J. Quevillon,

Prospects for Higgs physics at energies up to 100 TeV,


B. Jäger, L. Reina, D. Wackeroth,

Higgs boson production in association with b jets in the POWHEG-Box,

Phys. Rev. D93 (2016) 014030

J. Nakamura,

A simple merging algorithm for jet angular correlation studies,

JHEP: 1605 (2016) 157

J. Baglio, C.O. Krauss, M. Muhlleitner, K. Walz,

Next-to-leading order NMSSM decays with CP-odd Higgs bosons and stops,

JHEP: 1510 (2015) 024

H.B. Hartanto, B. Jäger, L. Reina, D. Wackeroth,

Higgs boson production in association with top quarks in the POWHEG-Box,

Phys. Rev. D91 (2015) 094003

B. Jäger, A. von Manteuffel, S. Thier,

Slepton pair production in association with a jet: NLO-QCD corrections and parton-shower effects,

JHEP: 1502 (2015) 041

B. Jäger, F. Schissler, D. Zeppenfeld,

Parton-shower effects on Higgs boson production via vector-boson fusion in association with three jets,

JHEP: 1407 (2014) 125

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